In 1969, Barry H. Lippman started West Coast Roofing Company out of his apartment in West Los Angeles. Since then, WCR has grown into one of the oldest and most respected commercial and industrial roofing companies in Los Angeles. 30 years ago WCR moved from their leased warehouse location on the Westside to a building Barry purchased that better suited the demands of his clients. This is what has allowed WCR to remain competitive and able to buy materials in bulk in order to keep costs down all while keeping them central to the areas they serve. One of the things Barry is most proud of, in respect to the company, is that he has had the same California State Contractors License number since he started. So many companies either go out of business or have to change licenses due to problems they’ve had in the past that have forced them to re-organize and find a new company name. If you look at any roofing company in Los Angeles, you’d be hard pressed to find one with a lower license number.

In their 42 years in business, WCR has faced every roofing situation imaginable. The fact that all of the foreman have been with the company for at least 20 years is a testament in and of itself to how the company treats its employees and the experience they have in the roofing industry.

From the modest beginning to the present day, West Coast Roofing Company’s goal has always been to provide the best possible roofing solution at the most competitive price. That is what has made WCR “Your foul weather friends” for over 4 decades.

West Coast Roofing Certifications